#3 Orogenesis: The Making of Mountains

The recent success of my supervisor’s (Prof. Simon Harley) book has forced me to make a comment or two about it. Not like I’m biased or anything, but this is a pretty awesome companion for any geologist. First and foremost it will find its audience is a grateful mix of penultimate or final year geology undergraduates, masters students, Ph.D students and even academic staff. It may, however, be of appeal to advanced amateur geologists. The figures in the book are simple, clear and concise, matched only by the comprehensive yet straight forward text which is easily followed.

You can usually find a copy on amazon for less than £40 – money well spent if you are interested in this general field of geology. If you are a student of geology, then I would say that this book, if not already, will be a standrad text for many institutions.


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