#5 The Moine Thrust at Knockan Crag

The Moine Thrust, visible at Knockan Crag, brought 800-1000 Ma Moine rocks over 480 Ma Durness limestones.

The geology of Scotland is truly spectacular. One of the most fascinating places for geology is the North West Highlands, particularly the Assynt Window. The window itself is defined by the Moine Thrust which can be viewed very easily at the Kockan Crag visitors centre. During the Caledonian Orogeny (ca. 490 -410 Ma) in Scotland, this thrust (post 437 Ma) brought old Moine rocks over 100 km from the south east over progressively younger rocks to the north west and is one of the best examples of thrust tectonics in the world. At Knockan, not only is there a minimum 100 km difference in provenance for the two adjacent rock types, there is also a 310-510 million year age gap too.

It’s well worth visting the following websites for more information on the Moine Thrust and Knockan Crag:

If you would like to ask any questions about the geology of the area, don’t hesitate to ask questions here. I have over 6 weeks field experience in the Assynt Window and I’m happy to have my brains picked!


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