#11 Geologist bombs East Kilbride

Over £900 worth of precision engineering! A shame it looked quite green and grubby after the first few cycles!

I take great pride in telling people that I have four bombs in East Kilbride that I’ve been using quite regularly. They were quite easy to get hold of, if a little expensive, and are working their magic on my samples. I’m remaining a bit secretive at the moment about the details of the preparation procedure, but we’re having great success at SUERC in East Kilbride with apparent complete dissolution of all samples. We’re using quite a potent mix of acids in the bombs at high temperatures and pressures. The procedure is on a 2-day cycle for 4 samples so it’s going to take a while to get the 40 or so samples from Norway processed in good time. Teaching is coming up soon and so it’s going to be tough juggling everything!


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