Actions for iPad – Awesome productivity enhancement


There are lots of reasons people like us may want a tablet. Save the endless discussions between Appleists and Antiappleists for somewhere else, here is a GREAT app for the iPad to increase your productivity when at your desk.

In a nutshell, Actions lets you execute chains or single instances of the following just by clicking an icon on the app’s screen:

  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Paste snippets of text
  • Control media (play, pause etc)
  • System commands (Desktop, screensaver, shutdown etc)
  • Window commands (Hide, maximise, fill right etc)
  • Navigate to URL
  • Or any combination of the above

Watch this youtube video for the overview of the app and then visit the Actions for iPad app homepage to download the app.

I find the most useful commands are those which paste snippets of text. This includes pasting common functions, preambles and code structures. Take a look at my buttons for different coding apps for ideas:

Snippets can be short or long, and you can transfer the code snippet from your computer to the app just by copying (on the computer) and pasting (in the app). However if you’re looking for some preset functions, you can load some preset commands for common applications like Illustrator and Firefox.


Have a go and get back to me if you find some ways in which this app can be even more useful to coders and geocomputers!